WITNESS X cover reveal!

Here it is! The wonderful cover for Witness X from the amazing team at Orion Design Team: Debbie Holmes, Joanna Ridley, Nick May, Clare Sivell, Helen Ewing, Jan Bielecki.

I love the colours. I had expected it to be dark and grim, but instead it is a startling red against white! I love the falling figure and the tag line that the team came up with is intriguing and sums up the book.

I am so excited that Stephen Baxter has endorsed my book –
“Silence of the Lambs meets Blade Runner. A dark and gripping crime novel set in a convincing near future, and on this evidence SE Moorhead is the future of crime writing.”

And also Ashley Dyer, author of Splinter in the Blood –
“Set in the near-future, Witness X is an intelligent and highly inventive take on the traditional serial killer thriller.”

I can’t wait to get to publication day on 6th February.
Finally, all the hard work will pay off and I will hold a copy of the book I have written in my hands.

One thought on “WITNESS X cover reveal!

  1. Marion says:

    Enjoyed this book sooo much The Adrenaline kicked in right from the start. Such a realistic believable plot that develops throughout the book as you are trying to anticipate the next step towards the truth. Would love to see a film or series developed from this book.
    A must read for crime /thriller readers.

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